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Base camp for culture and nature

Oh, le château! is situated at the border of a little hamlet in the quiet French countryside. The rolling hills of the Tarn are in our backroom. Here you hike, bike or visit romantic, medieval villages. Towns are also close: within half an hour you are in historic Albi or Cordes sur Ciel.


2 minutes

La Roucarié

Walk down hill from Oh, le château! and you reach this lake for swimming, surfing and sailing. It also makes a great round for hiking, running or biking. No tourists!

15 minutes

Valley of the Viaur

Beautiful area for hiking. There are adventurous trails with some climbing involved, lovely family walks and there is a botanical hike along side the stream. Must do: the abandoned chapel Les Planques and the iron bridge at 460 meters height. Also by car the valley is spectacular.

35  minutes


A small town but in the heart of France’s oldest viticultural region: Gaillac. We love le Café des Sports; an easy going bar for Tom, Dick or Harry. 

150 minutes

Sète at sea

Well, it is quit a drive, but the way through the land of lakes of Lévézou is very beautiful. This old fishing town, posed as an island in the sea, swings and buzzes in every little corner. Don’t miss the market hall with its stalls packed up with deliciousness. Just outside Sète you will find wide beaches for a refreshing dive in the Mediterranean. 

25 minutes


The majestic location on the Tarn river, the enormous cathedral of red brick (biggest red bric building in Europe!), the century old streets, they all turn Albi into a special experience. Foodies can salivate at the market, the terraces and in restaurants. Shopaholic? You can still your hunger in many little boutiques. More into art then you can get some in the museum Toulouse Lautrec, the famous painter who was born nearby. Did we mention that the bishops palace is UNESCO world heritage and that Albi was announced as the fourth best place in France for living? Yes, Albi is a great town. 

20 minutes

Cordes sur Ciel

All of a sudden amongst the rolling hills it rises and reaches to the sky: Cordes sur Ciel. Especially at sun set the views are spectacular, from and also at this very old town. Narrow, meandering streets show you the way up town. 

15 minutes

Cap' Découverte

A former mining crater has been transformed into a landscape park for thrill seekers. There is an enormous Tyrolean traverse, you can do water-skiing, skating, carting, paint ball, swimming, hiking and much more. It is a unique place in France.

40 minutes


Do you love art and architecture? Than you may not miss Musée Soulages. The corten steel building designed by the Spanish office RCR Arquitectes makes a subtle as well as sturdy gesture towards the old town. The dark interior, the sublime light and of course the paintings of Soulages guarantee a unique experience. Feeling like more beauty? Café Bras! Or why not the cathedral?



Oh, le château! is located in the north of the Tarn, in the centre of the Occitan region. Here, you will find various landscapes, the woods of the Montagne Noire, the granite rocks of Sidobre, the vineyards of Gaillac, the gorges of the Aveyron and the Valley of the Viaur. Also bastide villages and historical towns are interesting hot spots. There is always a market or festival to visit. Hiking, biking, golfing, water sports, you can do it all in the Tarn.

35  minutes

Golf d'Albi 

Nominated as the most beautiful track in the region Midi-Pyrénées and in the top 20 of France. Its location on the river Tarn surely explains this success.

75 minutes


Oh, how we love this pink city at the river Garonne with its lively squares, student culture and cosmopolitan style. Rent a bike and discover its hidden secrets.

120 minutes

Gorges du Tarn

Get blown away by the spectacular nature, the river that named our department and the steep valleys she sculpted in the land.

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